I attended the recent Meet the Candidates event at City Hall, and Penny York stood out as an excellent choice for city council. She has a life-long connection to Rockland and it is clear to me that her motivation to run for office is directly correlated to her love of and commitment to this community.

Penny brings unique and relevant professional experience to the table, having worked in project management for a major financial institution for many years. This background makes her particularly well-equipped to navigate complex city projects, to set specific and clear goals and to execute those plans with diligence and purpose.

It was obvious from Penny’s responses to community member questions that she does her homework! She was extremely well-prepared for the event, citing specific data and her correlating plans when responding to attendee questions. Her responses provided real insight into the issues addressed and left me feeling confident that she had thought through many of Rockland’s pressings needs and had concrete ideas about where to go next. She noted that she had already developed a 30-, 60-, and 90-day action plan should she be elected.

If there was a topic that Penny felt she needed more insight into, rather than concoct an artificial response, she committed to educating herself further on the topic and reconnecting with the community member who posed the question. This was extremely refreshing and indicated that she is open-minded, honest, humble and willing to grow into the position.

It was clear from her interactions with community members at the event that Penny is very approachable and an excellent communicator. I am confident that she will increase connection between the city council and its operations and the general public through direct conversation and increased transparency. Penny is an individual that can and will have meaningful, thoughtful and civil conversations with people of various positions and mindsets.

Penny is practical, organized and level-headed. Her top priority is making sure that Rockland moves forward as a city that is livable, thriving and accessible for all it’s residents. We are lucky to have such a qualified candidate running. She has my vote!

Tara Morin