I was reading an article today about Chellie Pingree and a few of her colleagues sending a letter to Homeland Security to add $50 million above the enacted FY 2022 level to the EFSP (Emergency Food and Shelter Program) for humanitarian assistance to migrants. The EFSP has already provided in FY 2022 $150 million to this program and as of July 21, 2022, $85 million is still available. Pingree said that because of the busing of migrants to Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago, funding should increase. My question is why is she asking for more money for migrants coming into the US illegally instead of helping the homeless or the veterans who have served our country so bravely? Pingree also, along with some of her colleagues, asks Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate the Republican governors busing migrants to “sanctuary cities” that said they would welcome migrants. What is the difference between the governors doing this or President Biden sending plane loads in the middle of the night to cities?

I also read an article from Reuters dated Oct. 6, 2022, that, and I quote from that article, “The Democrat-led border city of El Paso, Texas has sent more migrants on buses to New York City and Chicago than a campaign by Texas Republican governor, a twist in an ongoing partisan battle over US border security.” What about all the border towns that are suffering with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants coming to their towns and cities? Plus, all the drugs coming along with some of them. I am not against people coming to the U.S, seeking a better way of life but there is a right way to do it, the legal way. The United States should take care of our own, our veterans, our homeless before illegals. What has Pingree done to help stop the inflow of illegals and drugs?

I have written many times to Pingree, and if she does answer me, she evades the question that I am asking. Ed Thelander is running against Pingree this November. I have met and talked to both Ed and his wonderful wife many times. Ed has fought for our country as a Navy SEAL and now wants to fight for our Constitution, our freedom and this great country of ours. He loves America and loves its people. Does Pingree?

Pat Weaver