I have always been a quiet voter, but with what has been happening to our country and the world over the past two years, I am stepping out and getting active on a grassroots level. I support Ed Thelander, candidate for U.S. Congress District One, and Scott Rocknak, candidate for Maine State Senate District Twelve. Let me tell you why!

Chellie Pingree has been in Washington since 2008. That is a long time, and it is four presidents ago. She was also in the Maine State Senate from 1992 through 2000. I am sure she has her assigned committees and is familiar with and comfortable with her role in Washington. However, her eight years in Augusta and her current fourteen years in Washington indicate that she has been the same person representing Maine for over twenty-two years!

Pinny Beebe-Center was in the Maine State Senate from 2015 through 2019. She declined to run for her fourth term because she wanted to educate herself on restorative justice. However, she is running again, and I am sure she is familiar with her role in Augusta. I consider both Chellie Pingree and Pinny Beebe-Center status quo candidates, and their most significant strength is their names.

Ed Thelander and Scott Rocknak bring new energy, enthusiasm and fresh perspectives on viewing issues. Their professions, work experiences, and ways they have shared themselves in their communities, volunteering, mentoring and teaching are just what our state and Washington need.

As voters, we must educate ourselves and become well informed on who we vote for, not just go into a voting booth and fill in a circle on a ballot for a status quo candidate.

We must step up and get the vote out for Ed Thelander and Scott Rocknak. These great new candidates will promote prosperity, restore common sense and honesty, and make the changes that will benefit the hardworking people of Maine.

Lorraine Chapin