When I first met Pinny Beebe-Center sixteen years ago, I was a young mother and vegetable farmer, busily delivering vegetables to Rockland farm members every weekend. Pinny was the reliable volunteer who would show up every Sunday after church to gather surplus vegetables from me to bring to the AIO food pantry. I had heard of Pinny, and I didn’t understand how someone already so busy within the community still carved out time to support the food pantry during her few free weekend hours. But, as I learned over the next decade and a half, Pinny always makes time — and has boundless energy — for her community.

Whether at church or the state house, Pinny is respected as a listener and a problem-solver. She takes the time to understand the underlying conditions that have created any given problem and is creative and thoughtful in crafting solutions. Her effectiveness in bringing together different perspectives — even on subjects as challenging as drug sentencing or criminal justice reform — is evident by the respect she has earned throughout the region. I admire her thoughtful presence and tireless work in our community and during her time as a state representative in Augusta. We have so many vital issues on the line in this election, from reproductive justice to health care accessibility to fair school funding. I strongly support Pinny and cannot think of a better person to represent our district in the Maine state senate.

Reba Richardson