State legislatures are getting more say over critical decisions on government regulations over my individual rights. This means that my vote for local legislators will have more personal impact on my day-to-day life than ever before. I’ve been paying careful attention to the positions of local candidates on issues of personal freedoms and individual rights. In most cases, the candidates are entirely clear about their support for protecting voting rights and access to the polls, their support for freedom to marry and other LGBTQ rights, and women’s access to safe and affordable health care and their ability to make decisions about their own health, including pregnancy.

I haven’t been able to find out anything about Scott Rocknak’s position on any of these issues, and that has me worried.   As a state senator, he might well be confronted with decisions and challenges on any of these issues. He could make decisions that have a profound impact on my rights and the freedoms Mainers have now. He says in his literature that individual rights are important to him. Is he talking about the right to own an assault rifle, or to refuse vaccination, or to wear a mask in public? Or is he talking about a women’s right to safe and accessible health care, the right to vote and to have that vote fairly counted, or the right to live without discrimination over sexual preferences or gender identity? Where does he stand on issues that concern me? There may be some room for compromise on some policy issues or ways of protecting our lobster industry, but the threat of curtailment of certain individual rights is not negotiable. We need to know where he stands. If he cannot articulate a position on these issues, we risk losing our individual freedoms by voting for Scott Rocknak.

Kathy Lane