I urge your vote for a very special man who is running for our representative to the United Sates Congress. Ed Thelander is a retired Navy Seal, volunteer firefighter and reserve deputy sheriff, but most of all he is an intelligent, community stalwart who wants to restore common sense and honesty in the tradition of the focused citizen representative to the U.S. Congress.

His platform is based upon our nation’s current, critical needs. He wants to correct our inflationary economy by restoring domestic energy and manufacturing. He wants to protect our fishing and lobstering industries from choking government regulations. He wants to fix our broken immigration policy and the fentanyl scourge. He wants to address the national crime epidemic which is endangering our civic right to expect personal privacy in our daily lives. Finally, as a former schools superintendent with a national professional background, I am impressed with his focus on improving our school systems and ensuring that parents have a seat at the table of setting school curriculum.

Our country is hurting. With the election of old-fashioned citizen representatives such as Ed Thelander, we can return to the quality of life that all Americans deserve.

Doc Wallace