Governor Mills has done a great job of supporting our economy through a very difficult and chaotic time. Under LePage, Maine’s economy as measured by GDP growth lagged behind that of the U.S. as a whole, while under Gov. Mills’ leadership Maine’s GDP growth has exceeded the U.S. GDP growth. LePage cut taxes for the wealthiest few, which increased the tax burden on the rest of us. Under Mills, the average property mil rate statewide has fallen steadily. She has fulfilled the State’s commitment to fund schools, which provides property tax relief for local communities. When LePage left office 80% of Mainers had a higher tax rate than the wealthiest 1%. Under Mills, that number has fallen steadily to around 40%. Let’s give her four more years to bring that percentage down to 0. The middle class should not be shouldered with the tax burdens the 1% don’t want to pay.

Working with our State Legislature, Gov. Mills sent relief checks of $850 per qualifying adult directly to Maine households delivering significant financial relief to Maine citizens. She is dedicating $20 million to provide up to two years of free community college education to all students graduating from high school in ’20,’21,’22 and ’23 who enroll in a Maine community college full time. Additionally, she has expanded children’s health insurance to cover 40 thousand more children.

I will be voting for Mills in November, and I encourage you to think of your pocketbooks and join me in re-electing Janet Mills.

Laura Evans