While I met Pinny Beebe-Center in my professional capacity, she became a trusted friend, and my endorsement of her candidacy for the Maine Senate is as a private individual. Pinny actively listens, with her mind always open to different viewpoints, in order to best serve the public. She is smart, well-informed on the issues affecting the mid-coast and well beyond, and highly resourceful.

Pinny is a coalition builder, with a deep-seated belief of what community can accomplish, and the capacity to unite diverse parties to turn ideas and ideals into actions, which benefit us all. Widely known as Pinny, though on the ballot as Anne H. Beebe-Center, she brings a wealth of community knowledge, intelligence, and compassion that are both inherent to her nature and strengthened through her work with the AIO Food Pantry, Knox County Homeless Coalition, New Hope, Restorative Justice, and the Rockland Public Library Advisory Committee. Pinny also served as a Knox County Commissioner. With three terms as state representative for District 93 to guide her, Pinny understands the lawmaking processes and procedures, and so will get to work immediately, serving the needs of her expanded constituency as Maine state senator. Pinny’s legislative priorities align with my main concerns — particularly health care for all, including reproductive and mental health care, a revision to school funding formulas to make the cost of education fair and equitable, and criminal justice reform.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to vote for Anne (Pinny) Beebe-Center this November, and I hope you will join me in sending her to the Maine Senate, where she will work with her colleagues regardless of party affiliation for the betterment of this community, and the people of Maine. She’ll do us proud.

Amy Levine