ROCKLAND — Knox County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Dwight Burtis will be retiring Nov. 1.

Sheriff Patrick Polky provided Knox County Commissioners an update on staffing in an Oct. 6 report ahead of the Oct. 11 Commission meeting.

“As you know, this (chief deputy) is an integral position for a Sheriff and, though there is a sense of urgency, I do not want to appoint hastily; I will be taking some time to decide on a competent replacement,” Sheriff Polky stated.

Burtis was appointed chief deputy by Polky on Aug. 8 after Polky had been appointed sheriff.  Burtis has been with the Knox County department for 15 years.

Burtis is a graduate of Camden-Rockport High School. He entered the United States Air Force after high school and served as a law enforcement specialist in Southeast Asia for most of his four-year enlistment. He began his civilian law enforcement career in 1986 with the Portland, Maine Police Department, and served in several other Maine law enforcement agencies.

The sheriff noted in his report that of 68 budgeted positions in the patrol and jail that only 51 are filled. The largest number of vacancies are for corrections officers. There are 22 positions and seven are vacant.

Two patrol deputy positions out of nine are vacant.