ST. GEORGE — A Warren man was arrested Monday, Oct. 3, accused of punching a woman in the face, taking a hatchet to her vehicle and then trying to convince her not to talk to police.

Dustin Brooks, 36, was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence assault, criminal mischief and tampering with a victim.

Brooks made his initial appearance Wednesday, Oct. 5 in the Knox County Court on the charges. Judge John Martin set bail at $2,500 cash. Deputy District Attorney Christopher Fernald requested cash bail of $5,000, citing the seriousness of the offense, Brooks’ history of domestic violence and two instances of the defendant failing to appear in court for a hearing.

An affidavit filed in the court by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office states Brooks contacted police to complain he had been struck with a board and later a vehicle by a woman. Officers responded to the residence on Port Clyde Road in St. George.

After talking with the parties, officers said the woman said that Brooks had been sending her text messages which threatened to bust out the windows of her Jeep. She went outside the residence and he punched in the face, according to the woman.

When officers handcuffed Brooks he kept yelling to the woman, telling her not to make a statement to police.

Brooks denied the claims and said the woman had struck him with a board or stick and then backed her Jeep into his four-wheeler which caused the back window of her Jeep to break.

Defense attorney for the day Lynn Madison had urged the judge not to set high cash bail, saying this would result in another poor person being held in jail. He said Brooks vehemently denies the allegations.