I would very much like to praise the staff of the Rockland office of the Social Security Administration. Here’s why.

As a result of an inexplicable glitch that developed concerning personal profile data – which I won’t go into detail about – the SSA, which Medicare draws on and ultimately insurance carriers, certain claims were being denied due to the glitch. The surprising problem emerged in June 2022. It fell to me to constantly call SSA, then Medicare, etc., each time explaining the glitch, to clear it up.

I came to learn that not only did all systems maintain accurate “notes” of conversations and actions taken each time I called, but that each of the agents – all different – was among the most customer-friendly I’ve ever encountered in government. I will rank Martin’s Point, our non-profit insurance company, among them. Each within their respective systems apologized profusely for the glitch, and made all efforts to get at the root issue – which eventually I learned actually required a person – to manually make a correction at the SSA level. That is, ‘human” rather than “computerized” intervention.

And indeed, due to the persistence and determination of a certain individual in the Rockland SSA office, after three months of back and forth with national SSA and Medicare, they “cracked the code.” The old saying “I’m from the government, and here to help,” was, indeed, very true!

Thanks to the Rockland SSA office and all others employed by the government at local, state, and federal levels who keep up the good works in face of what appears to be formidable odds, at times, if not most of the time.

Ron Phillips