We all have a chance to have a say in the Rockport Comprehensive Plan. The 2004 version is undergoing an update as I write this. There is a questionnaire which can be accessed at planmyrockport.mysocialpinpoint.com/. If our town maintains a comprehensive plan and updates it periodically, we increase our chances for future grant funding.

My personal vision for Rockport includes the development of our own wastewater system. The current system, owned and operated by Camden and located in Camden, is at capacity, and therefore placing an economic hold on Rockport’s growth. When we have our own wastewater system, our local businesses and services will increase their ability to find employees who need housing. Housing which will require sewers to make development financially feasible. We need to accommodate the people who put out our fires, who teach in our schools and run our library.

We’ve had our heroes in the past, people like Marge Jones, who welcomed us as a young couple, in our early 20s, “from away.” Also, Maynard Ingraham, who served on the Select Board with a steady hand and the highest integrity. Our town clerks come to mind as well – Brenda Richardson and Linda Greenlaw. Linda will be saying goodbye to us this January and will be leaving very big shoes to fill. But there are heroes out there today as well, people who have the best interests of our residents at the forefront of their minds and actions.

So, my dreams for the next phase of our Comprehensive Plan also include the preservation and protection of our innumerable natural wonders and an infrastructure that supports people from a variety of walks of life and a full spectrum of financial challenges.

I do have a thing for Rockport, and it runs deep, with so many good reasons, memories, happiness, and gratitude. If you express your opinions, we will listen.

Marsha Steinglass