WALDOBORO — As fate would have it, the Waldoboro Adult Coed Softball League championship game on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2 included a surprise team against a not-surprising opponent at Medomak Valley High School.

No. 1 Brooks Trap Mill, a loaded and highly-talented squad which had one loss the entire fall campaign, faced upstart No. 8 Walter J. Read Carpentry, which emerged from the weekend fray, to play for all the diamond marbles on Sunday.

In the end, with temperatures in the low-50s, the higher-seed had too much power — home run power that is — en route to the title with a 11-3 victory.

Brooks Trap Mill’s Alyssa Creamer, front. Photo by Ken Waltz

It all came down to one weekend worth of games to determine who would swing, pitch, catch and run away with the popular Waldoboro Recreation Department-sponsored league title.

The champions, unbeaten in the playoffs, got home runs from Ashley Geel and Bill Robinson Jr., as well as strong pitching and solid defense en route to the title.

Brooks Trap Mill finished 17-1, including 4-0 in playoffs. WJR was 7-7 in the regular season before it made its stellar postseason run. It finished 5-2 in the playoffs and 12-9 overall.

Brooks Trap Mill also beat WJR earlier in the playoffs.

Champions of the Waldoboro Adult Coed Softball League for 2022 — Brooks Trap Mill. Photo courtesy of Marcus Benner

Brooks Trap Mill members include Cole Chase, Chris Hart, Ashley Geel, Carlos Arteaga, Alyssa Creamer, Connor Graffam, Sarah Grant, Andrew Simmons, Ryan Creamer, Chris McKenney, Bill Robinson, Colton Spear, Eric Hunt, Rick Bagnell and Cass Fimple.

Walter J. Read Carpentry members include Janessa McCole, Moss McCole, D.J. Camber, Henry Marsh, Christina Gilbert, Jake Shirey, Walter Read, Dylan Shay, Andrew King, Vanessa Dunbar, Mike Dunbar, Tim Robinson, Bill Coombs, Joni Feener and Lauren Guptill.

The 15-team league began regular-season play in late-August and will conclude the campaign with a double-elimination postseason tournament Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1-2. Before all is said and done, there was nearly 30 games contested over two days.

Postseason runners-up in the Waldoboro Adult Coed Softball League for 2022 — Walter J. Read Carpentry. Photo courtesy of Marcus Benner

There were more than 200 regular-season contests played as squads worked through a 14-game schedule.

Games were played at Medomak Valley High School, Medomak Middle School, John Foster Field and Sukeforth Field in Waldoboro.

Walter J. Read Carpentry’s Andrew King, front. Photo by Ken Waltz

The final regular-season records were: Brooks Trap Mill, 13-1, .929 winning percentage; Benchwarmers, 13-1, .929; Bayview Bushwhackers, 11-3, .786; Midcoast Forestry Mulching, 11-3, .786; Nor’Easters, 10-4, .714; Lil’ Truckahs, 9-5, .643; Bat-itude, 8-6, .571; Walter J. Read Carpentry, 7-7, .500; High Tek, 6-8, .429; Swingers, 5-9, .357; Rough Diamonds, 4-10, .286; B52s, 4-10, .286; Fresh Off The Farm, 2-12, .143; Good Guys, 1-13, .071; and Mainly Pawn, 1-13, .071.

In the regular season, Brooks Trap Mill finished with 180 runs scored and 45 allowed, while Benchwarmers outscored opponents 194-73, Bayview Bushwhackers 166-66, Midcoast Forestry Mulching 151-85, Nor’Easters 146-79, Lil’ Truckahs 143-94, Walter J. Read Carpentry 152-115 and High Tek 144-104. On the other end of the spectrum, Good Guys were outscored 41-243.

Brooks Trap Mill’s Chris Hart. Photo by Ken Waltz

The weekend tournament began on Saturday at 8 a.m. and the championship game was slated on Sunday at 12:45 p.m. at MVHS.

The following are results from games during the weekend’s postseason tournament:

Winner’s bracket — WJR beat High Tek, B52s beat Nor’Easters, Midcoast Forestry beat Fresh Off The Farm, Bayview Bushwhackers beat Good Guys, Lil’ Truckahs beat Rough Diamonds, Bat-itude beat Swingers, Benchwarmers beat Mainly Pawn, Brooks Trap Mill beat WJR, Midcoast Forestry beat B52s, Lil’ Truckahs beat Bayview Bushwhackers, Benchwarmers beat Bat-itude, Brooks Trap Mill beat Midcoast Forestry, Benchwarmers beat Lil’ Truckahs and Brooks Trap Mill beat Benchwarmers.

Loser’s bracket — Diamonds beat Good Guys, Swingers beat Mainly Pawn, Nor’Easters beat Fresh Off The Farm, B52s beat Diamonds, WJR beat Swingers, High Tek beat Bat-itude, Bayview Bushwhackers beat Nor’Easters, WJR beat B52s, Bayview Bushwhackers beat High Tek, WJR beat Lil’ Truckahs, Bayview Bushwhackers beat Midcoast, WJR beat Bayview Bushwhackers and WJR beat Benchwarmers.

The following are scores from games during the regular season:

Bayview Bushwhackers 10, Midcoast Forestry Mulching 4.

Benchwarmers 14, Mainly Pawn 5.

Brooks Trap Mill 10, Bat-itude 4.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 17, Mainly Pawn 8.

Brooks Trap Mill’s Cole Chase, front. Photo by Ken Waltz

Bat-itude 7, Swingers 0.

Benchwarmers 15, Bayview Bushwhackers 5.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 14, Rough Diamonds 4.

Benchwarmers 7, Swingers 0.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 17, Mainly Pawn 0.

Fresh Off The Farm 7, Good Guys 6.

High Tek 23, Rough Diamonds 11.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 6, Brooks Trap Mill 5.

Bayview Bushwhackers 16, Nor’Easters 12.

Lil’ Truckahs 8, Fresh Off The Farm 2.

B52s 11, Good Guys 1.

Brooks Trap Mill 8, High Tek 3.

Nor’Easters 11, B52s 7.

Rough Diamonds 8, B52s 7.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 26, Fresh Off The Farm 9.

Nor’Easters 7, Lil’ Truckahs 0.

Lil’ Truckahs 31, Good Guys 0.

Brooks Trap Mill 12, Swingers 3.

Bat-itude 6, Nor’Easters 4.

Nor’Easters 22, Mainly Pawn 6.

Benchwarmers 16, Walter J. Read Carpentry 10.

Bat-itude 7, Rough Diamonds 1.

Brooks Trap Mill 5, Bayview Bushwhackers 4.

Benchwarmers 33, Fresh Off The Farm 2.

Rough Diamonds 13, Good Guys 2.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 9, B52s 2.

Brooks Trap Mill 11, Lil’ Truckahs 3.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 11, Bat-itude 0.

Swingers 9, Fresh Off The Farm 4.

Lil’ Truckahs 9, B52s 6.

High Tek 12, Walter J. Read Carpentry 6.

Bayview Bushwhackers 20, Good Guys 1.

Nor’Easters 10, High Tek 5.

Swingers 10, Rough Diamonds 7.

B52s 18, Fresh Off The Farm 3.

Lil’ Truckhas 12, Mainly Pawn 6.

Bat-itude 11, Walter J. Read Carpentry 8.

Nor’Easters 10, Midcoast Forestry Mulching 6.

Bayview Bushwhackers 5, High Tek 2.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 16, Lil’ Truckahs 9.

Brooks Trap Mill 10, Benchwarmers 3.

Benchwarmers 11, Nor’Easters 9.

Bayview Bushwhackers 7, Rough Diamonds 1.

Midcoast Fostery Mulching 9, Fresh Off The Farm 1.

Nor’Easters 13, Fresh Off The Farm 2.

Lil’ Truckahs 11, Bayview Bushwhackers 10.

Benchwarmers 16, Rough Diamonds 7.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 18, Good Guys 6.

Bat-itude 13, High Tek 12.

Brooks Trap Mill 25, Mainly Pawn 6 1.

Brooks Trap Mill 21, Good Guys.

Mainly Pawn 12, B52s 9.

Swingers 8, High Tek 6.

B52s 8, Swingers 3.

High Tek 12, Mainly Pawn 0.

Bat-itude 8, Mainly Pawn 6.

Benchwarmers 35, Good Guys 1.

Bayview Bushwhackers 15, Swingers 2.

Brooks Trap Mill 13, Nor’Easters 5.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 8, Rough Diamonds 4.

High Tek 22, Fresh Off The Farm 8.

Nor’Easters 8, Walter J. Read Carpentry 3.

Nor’Easters 6, Rough Diamonds 0.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 16, High Tek 11.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 9, B52s 3.

Bayview Bushwhackers 16, B52s 2.

Lil’ Truckahs 17, Bat-itude 3.

Bayview Bushwhackers 12, Mainly Pawn 0.

Benchwarmers 3, Lil’ Truckahs 2.

Swingers 13, Good Guys 6.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 12, Lil’ Truckahs 10.

Bat-itude 10, Good Guys 3.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 23, Good Guys 7.

Bat-itude 5, Fresh Off The Farm 1.

Bayview Bushwhackers 6, Walter J. Read Carpentry 5.

Rough Diamonds 8, Mainly Pawn 7.

Benchwarmers 13, Midcoast Forestry Mulching 8.

Brooks Trap Mill 23, B52s 0.

Brooks Trap Mill 10, Fresh Off The Farm 2.

Lil’ Truckahs 14, Swingers 9.

Walter J. Read Carpentry 12, Swingers 2.

B52s 5, Bat-itude 1.

Lil’ Truckahs 7, High Tek 0.

Lil’ Truckahs 10, Rough Diamonds 9.

Nor’Easters 12, Good Guys 0.

Swingers 11, Mainly Pawn 4.

Fresh Off The Farm 9, Mainly Pawn 5.

Benchwarmers 5, High Tek 2.

Bayview Buchwhackers 31, Fresh Off The Farm 1.

Good Guys 6, Mainly Pawn 3.

High Tek 8, B52s 6.

Rough Diamonds 6, Fresh Off The Farm 3.

Bayview Bushwhackers 9, Bat-itude 5.

Benchwarmers 4, B52s 3.

High Tek 26, Good Guys 1.

Benchwarmers 19, Bat-itude 9.

Brooks Trap Mill 14, Rough Diamonds 1.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 7, Walter J. Read Carpentry 4.

Midcoast Forestry Mulching 11, Swingers 7.

Nor’Easters 17, Swingers 4.

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