Pinny Beebe-Center and I have worked together on several projects serving this community, especially its young people, for many years. I can’t think of a better candidate to represent our district in the State Senate than Pinny! There is no one I know who has developed more relationships with a vast network of community resources, as well as the ability to get them to work together for the good of the community.

As an example, the vital Knox County Homeless Coalition is a collaborative effort initiated by Pinny. It was my privilege to work with her in its early development. She has been diligent in attending to holes in our community’s social safety net. Pinny and I founded the Knox Interfaith Teen Safe Havens (KITS), which continues to serve students who are in unstable housing or are homeless.

I believe Pinny’s knowledge of community needs is unsurpassed, and she can meet them collaboratively and with respect for each person and perspective. With her political experience in Augusta, she will get things done to benefit our communities. For these and several other reasons, Pinny gets my enthusiastic endorsement for State Senator!

Jack Carpenter