Bill Pluecker is running for reelection as our state representative. What’s in a name? It is not always true to Shakespeare. Not all roses do smell the same, nor do all state representatives. This is a question we should be considering as we head into the chilly fall weather here in New England.

In these very troubling times, it is imperative that you take time to discuss the issues that affect you and your community with your children, your parents, your neighbors and friends. Remember, all politics is local politics. Challenge yourself and those you care about to talk about what your voice at the ballot will represent. Will your vote be for the State Representative who has stood up for the people of Warren, Hope and Union with integrity and common-sense values as an educator, farmer, and community member?

I met Bill on a December day. I called him and he answered directly. As a Maine farmer I had concerns about my farm and business. Bill has always said that one can reach out to him directly, so I did. In my estimation, he has been exactly what a representative at the state level should be. He does walk the walk and talk the talk.  You can tell this in the way he politely but directly responds to his constituents whether they disagree with his opinion or he disagrees with theirs. Bill is a man who treasures the land and cares about the community. Not only has Bill been active with state agriculture and environmental concerns such as PFAS, food insecurity, and loans for agriculture, his work on social and criminal justice issues shows that he is a person of compassion and care who values human life. In his position as state representative, he is the voice for many who feel their concerns are not heard. He is not afraid of speaking truth to power. This is what he does well for the people of Maine in the Maine House of Representatives. Bill Pluecker has proven himself to be accessible to us as a representative. He has earned the esteem and respect of his peers in Augusta. He has proven to be a team player in the Maine House of Representatives. Take a few minutes to look at the accomplishments of State Representative Bill Pluecker, I assure you that you will be proud to have such a competent representative. Isn’t it nice to vote for someone we actually like?

Arleigh Kraus