A well-run republic functions best with elected officials, on all levels, representing the feelings, wants and desires of its people. Conservatives are as necessary as are progressives. In these times of strong party affiliations and opinions, a voter needs to be sure of the views represented by the various candidates.

It is somewhat distressing to see so many of these candidates refusing to claim a party on their signage or in ads.  Further complicating the choosing process is the difference between someone running as a conservative, in the traditional sense, and one who is part of the Big Lie party.

As Liz Cheney has shown the world, there is a considerable difference in clarity of vision.

A further confusion may exist when conservatives use the blue color the Democrats identify with on their signs, leading, perhaps, to the idea that their party affiliation may be in question, or maybe they are simply banking on uninformed voters leaping to an erroneous conclusion.

Therefore, I pose a question to all the conservative candidates: Was the 2020 election fairly decided?

Their answers will help us separate the sheep from the goats.

David Dayhoff