ROCKLAND — A Rockport man who created a police standoff at the Rankin Center in October 2020 was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in prison with all but five years suspended.

Mark Hupper, 36, was sentenced Sept. 28 in the Knox County court for the incident in which he barricaded himself inside an apartment at the Rankin Center, threatened to kill a resident, and held police at bay for more than four hours. The standoff ended when a Maine State Police Tactical team used a concussion grenade and rescued the woman being held hostage.

Hupper pleaded guilty Sept. 28 to kidnapping, domestic violence aggravated assault, creating a police standoff, burglary, aggravated criminal trespass, and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. He received lesser concurrent sentences for two unrelated burglaries at the closed Time Out Pub in October 2020.

Hupper will be given credit for time served. He has been held in jail since his arrest nearly two years ago. He will be on probation for six years after his release. On probation, he will be required to be evaluated for substance abuse and mental health and undergo whatever counseling directed by probation. Hupper will also have to pay $2,365 in restitution to the owner of the building where the Time Out Pub was located.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm praised the state and defense for coming up with the sentence agreement which considered the seriousness of the offenses but also the childhood trauma that Hupper endured. Deputy District Attorney Christopher Fernald prosecuted the case and Gregory Snow represented Hupper.

An affidavit filed in the Knox County Court by Rockland police after the standoff stated Hupper threatened to slit the woman’s throat if police came inside. The woman could be heard calling out in pain as Hupper said he put a chain around her neck. Hupper also claimed to have a gun, the affidavit stated. No gun was found, but knives were recovered and the criminal threatening charge states that Hupper had used a knife as part of the threat.

The affidavit reported Hupper was heard by police during the standoff saying he was sexually assaulted by the woman when he was a child.

Hupper had posted earlier on Facebook that he planned to either be in jail or die by the end of the evening, according to the affidavit.

The woman who was held at knifepoint by Hupper was identified in the police affidavit as Mark Hupper’s mother — Delores Demmons, also known as Delores Ames and Delores Hupper.

Delores Hupper was sentenced in 2001 to five years in prison with all but 17 months suspended for unlawful sexual contact involving a young girl back in 1997. Eight other sexual assault offenses were dismissed in exchange for her plea and her agreement to testify against her husband.

Her husband, Maurice Hupper, was sentenced in 2001 to 35 years in prison for 19 counts of gross sexual assault and 22 counts of unlawful sexual contact. Maurice Hupper was initially charged with 294 counts of sexual assault of abuses charges, but that number was reduced to 41 counts before trial. The assaults occurred for several years in the 1990s.

Maurice Hupper died in prison in 2009 at the age of 74.

Mark Hupper, then 15, testified against his father in the trial held in 2000.

Justice Hjelm pointed out at the Sept. 28 hearing that he had reviewed child protection records maintained by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services from that time period.

Fernald said at the hearing that the victim in the kidnapping case supported the sentence for Mark Hupper. He said she wanted him to get help and pointed out he had been drinking that night.

The Rankin Center is a complex with 50 apartments for elderly and disabled residents.

The woman was treated and released at the hospital for non-serious injuries.