THOMASTON — The Thomaston Planning Board has scheduled three workshops to review the Land Use Ordinance and discuss and determine amendments for the 2023 June town meeting. These workshops are open to the public.

The Land Use Ordinance is a series of regulations outlining how land within a municipality may be used, such as what types of structures, landscaping or decorations are allowed. Parts of this ordinance are amended each year by the Planning Board, and then voters may approve these amendments at the town meeting.

Planning Board Chair Joanne Richards said this year the board would look at small amendments to the ordinance, though she identified some pressing issues the board must address. The board discussed these issues at a Sept. 20 workshop.

Two issues Richards identified were a sign at the Lura Libby municipal building and a marijuana business seeking changes in production.

Richards said the town wants to put a freestanding sign, meaning it is not attached to or supported by a building, on the front lawn of the municipal building, where the Lura Libby school sign was previously.

This currently cannot happen, she said, as the municipal building is in a Village Commercial district. “Currently the Village Commercial… does not permit any freestanding signs,” Richards said.

The Lura Libby sign was able to be installed previously because the school was in a different zoning district. When the town purchased the building and converted it to the municipal building, the property was added to the Village Commercial district.

While there are some freestanding signs in the Village Commercial district, Richards said these are grandfathered into the system.

Code Enforcement Officer Rene Dorr said the town wanted a small sign with, “Thomaston Municipal Building” on it. Richards said the town cannot erect any freestanding sign in that space until voters approve an amendment to the land use ordinance at the 2023 June town meeting.

Another issue Richards identified was that the marijuana production facility on New County Road wished to make medical products. The facility currently produces recreational marijuana products as a conditional use of the space. The wording of this conditional use states it is only for a retail marijuana production facility.

Conditional use allows entities to apply for certain specific exemptions to the zoning and districting regulations if they meet the requirements and it is approved by the Planning Board.

Voters must approve the allowance of conditional uses in any district, but the Planning Board has authority to grant the use after that.

Richards tasked Dorr and Interim Code Enforcement Officer Bill Wasson with investigating the state and town requirements for such a change.

The Thomaston Planning Board workshops on the Land Use Ordinance amendments for the 2023 town meeting are Oct. 25, Nov. 1 and Nov. 29, 6 p.m., at the Thomaston Municipal Building.