I know Pinny Beebe-Center as a friend. What I know about her is the depth of her passion for her work on behalf of our community. I have seen the personal and financial sacrifice she has made in order to do the work she loves.

After years of leading various organizations in our area, Pinny served three terms in the state legislature (2014-2020). This means that when she takes her seat in the Maine Senate, she is going to already know the ropes. That is a big advantage.

During her time in the Maine Legislature and over the course of her public service career, Pinny has learned that communities solve problems by working together. Her legislative successes gathered diverse factions, and crafted policies and laws uniting those voices, strengthening individual lives as well as building community services for future generations.

Because Pinny is so committed to the welfare of all, as a state senator she will be especially focused on health care for all, reproductive health, increased and accessible behavioral health treatment, and ensuring that funding for schools is fair and equitable.

Please support Pinny Beebe-Center when you vote on Nov. 8.

Jean Matlack