Knox County saw four additional COVID-19 cases during the past day, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday, Sept. 22.

Testing at the Rockland wastewater treatment plant as of Sept. 15 showed a second week of a decline in the amount of virus in the community’s wastewater.

Since the pandemic began in Maine in March 2020, 7,360 Knox County residents have been diagnosed with the virus (This does not include results from at-home tests), 108 have been admitted to hospitals, and 44 have died.

Statewide, an additional 374 cases were reported during the past day. There were no additional deaths reported statewide Sept. 22, keeping the number at 2,569.

There were 12 additional person statewide admitted to a hospital in Maine with COVID-19 during the past day, with the number at 5,746 since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The CDC reports 150 Mainers currently in the hospital with the virus. The peak was 436 in early January. Of the 150 hospitalized, 23 are in critical care units and six on ventilators. Fifty-five critical care beds are available in Maine.