I have known Pinny for many years as an active and thoughtful advocate for the people of Knox County. She is a servant leader, one who has worked for people’s needs for many years and in many different capacities. I served my last term in the State Legislature during her first term and saw firsthand what an effective and dedicated leader she is.

Besides her six years in the Maine House of Representatives, Pinny has worked for many organizations that serve our people, including the AIO Food Pantry, the Homeless Coalition and New Hope for Women. She was also a Knox County Commissioner.

Pinny is a hard worker and a good listener to the needs of our communities. She is an advocate for our fishing communities and for the health care needs of our citizens. She is skilled in finding common ground to reach solutions that will lead to successful outcomes. She cares.

Please join me in voting for Pinny Beebe-Center.

Joan Welsh