ROCKLAND — The Good Tern Gallery, 750 Main St., features the paintings of Lizzie Lombardo through Oct. 31. There will be a wine tasting and reception to meet the artist Friday, Sept. 30, from 4 to 6 p.m. Gallery curator Lois Anne teams up with the Good Tern Co-op’s wine and beer buyer, Deminique Cole, for this special event.

Artist Lizzie Lombardo was born in Thomaston and studied sculpture at Pratt Institute in New York before moving back to Midcoast Maine. Her work combines an interest in historical icons and events of popular culture and social issues, as well as experiences of her own and people she knows. Among other things, she is interested in creating installations as “environments” of her own fantasy and guiding viewers to experience and interact with the art. “My work is a conglomerate of imagery inspired by Maine’s rural and coastal landscape, internet culture, retro sci-fi and horror films, and weird found objects,” she said. “Through my practice I find humor in feelings and how I relate to my environment.”

The art exhibition takes place in both the Good Tern store and the Hole in the Wall bagel shop. The wine tasting is held in the café of the Good Tern store. A small selection of cheeses and crackers will be served alongside the four wines Cole has chosen from the store shelves. The event is free and open to all; wine is restricted to those 21 and older. For more information, contact Cole at

Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op is a member-owned food and health store, founded in 1980 to provide healthy food and wellness choices at reasonable prices for the local community. The Co-op’s Education & Community Outreach Committee is a volunteer effort to engage residents of Midcoast Maine and beyond in fun and satisfying ways to learn while improving their own mental and physical health as well as ensuring a healthy planet.