ROCKLAND — On Monday, Oct. 3, at 2 p.m. via Zoom, the Shakespeare Society of Rockland begins its 133rd season. The group meets every other Monday from October through early April. Those interested in joining are welcome to participate. The group will read aloud “Macbeth” in the fall and “The Winter’s Tale” beginning in January. In addition to readings, meetings include short presentations and discussions.

The Shakespeare Society of Rockland is thought to be the oldest continuously active Shakespeare Society in the country. The society was started in 1889 by a group of women looking for intellectual stimulation and a way to spend Maine’s long winter evenings. They met in each other’s homes September through April on Monday evenings where they read a tragedy or history play in the winter and a comedy in the spring. Each meeting featured the reading of one act of the play under study by members with assigned roles and a paper related to the play written by a member of the group. The evenings ended with refreshments and socializing. This tradition continues today with some slight changes. Men were admitted to the society in the late 1980s almost 100 years later.

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