SOUTH THOMASTON — A proposal for a solar farm on the St. George Road was unanimously approved Thursday evening by the South Thomaston Planning Board.

The project would be located on 20 acres of a 210-acre lot of undeveloped woodlands at 652 St. George Road (also known as Route 131). The developer is South Thomaston PV, LLC of Arlington, Va.

The application was submitted to the town on Aug. 18. The Planning Board held a public hearing and approved the project at the Sept. 15 meeting.

The company plans to build a 1.99 megawatt solar array project to distribute solar-generated electricity. Residents of South Thomaston will have an opportunity to subscribe to the project. Once operating, those subscribers would see their charges reduced by 10 to 15 percent.

A 3,500-foot long gravel road will be constructed to access to the solar array.

Representatives for the company made a presentation to the Planning Board, saying the project costs will be $3 million to $5 million. The fenced in area where the solar array will be erected is no closer than 265 feet to the nearest property boundary line and is no closer than 1,200 feet to the nearest residence.

There were questions from residents about what impact the project would have on their property values. The Planning Board said that was a question for the assessor’s agent.

The project will take three to five months to complete and get underway in the spring 2023 once approval from state and federal agencies are received. The most noise will come from installing the supports for the solar panels, a representative said.