Sept. 18 – 20 Relationships remain the theme with Venus in Virgo making two important aspects. Venus is in a superfine aspect with Uranus in Taurus implying this is the time to make new friends. Also, Venus is in an awkward aspect with Saturn which shows us the need to make certain adjustments in relationships. This applies to the manner in which we share our thoughts and opinions. Lately I’ve found that friends are respectful of one another’s differing opinions. I like that because of the freedom it generates to share ourselves. I might even change my opinion based on hearing a different perspective. Who knows?

Sept. 22 – 24 Here’s another Venus aspect! Venus is opposite Neptune. It always confuses idealism, expectations, and facts. That’s because the facts are not what is emotionally desired. In the beginning of a relationship this aspect can find each person interpreting the purpose of the relationship differently.

Sept. 24 – 27 Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Virgo and are in a superfine with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a terrific aspect for transforming and upgrading your primary relationship with vitality. It brings hope that the relationship will be “forever lasting.”

Sept. 25 The New Moon is at 5:55 p.m. These are good numbers for adventure, freedom of expression, improved communication and making changes with ease according to numerology. This New Moon consists of the Sun and Moon conjunct at 2 degrees of Libra. Jupiter is opposite the position of the New Moon at 3 degrees of Aries. The theme continues from last New Moon. Try not to overextend yourself. Set up your schedule thoughtfully. You want to have more fun and experience your freedom to be spontaneous. Be loving to yourself. Allow blank spaces in your schedule. This much energy and excitement at the start of the New Moon implies a very busy phase ahead that is focused on relating.

Sept. 25 – 28 You’ll have excellent concentration and the persistence to get things done. That’s because Mars in clever Gemini is in a superfine aspect with patient Saturn. This is a productive phase.

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