I am a life long automobile mechanic with nearly fifty years of work experience. I am alarmed at the ever increasing crash and fatality statistics in our country. I am also astonished that automobile manufacturers are producing grossly over-powered passenger vehicles, with horsepower ratings approaching 800 horsepower in the case of the Dodge Charger Hellcat as only one example. These vehicles are certainly capable of speeds approaching 200 mph.

I would like to understand, why do we permit manufacturers to sell vehicles with this speed potential when our highest national speed limits are almost exclusively below 75 mph? Drivers are proving that they are incompetent to safely handle such power and speed, and law enforcement is equally incapable of controlling such poor driving behavior.

It is quite possible to limit vehicle speeds through GPS monitoring and intervention in the relevant vehicle electronics, as is now accomplished to limit speeds to 200 mph. Why do we not create the infrastructure to limit all vehicle speeds to the maximum speed limits? Obviously, this will require the political will to actually enforce speed limits in this tangible way and there will be strong resistance from some of the populace, that is: those who insist on breaking the law while driving. I think the insurance companies would certainly support such controls if proposed. If such a policy were enacted we would all be much safer and much needless, tragic carnage could be reduced.

John Shepard