I want to thank you for including my submission to support Crystal Robinson.
As a “newbie” to Maine, one of the many (hundreds) of things I love about the state is the kind and considerate people (locals and natives), both for each other and transplants.
Crystal encompasses all of that, both personally and professionally. She’s so sincere, hard-working, passionate and non-divisive.
I admire ALL of the candidates who have come around to my home to introduce themselves (which would never be done in my former “home” in Atlanta) and I APPLAUD them for wanting to serve our residents. It’s a HUGE sacrifice.
I was a political science major at UC Santa Barbara, yet I personally don’t believe in political parties. I believe in principles and personal responsibility but unfortunately our country forces us to “choose” a party.
I was raised by a single mom and we were always one paycheck away from welfare. I watched her bag groceries and deliver newspapers at four in the morning to support us. I got my first job at 15 and worked 2-3 jobs AFTER I got my BA from college.
So again, thank you for giving ALL candidates and residents a voice.
Have a blessed weekend!
Leianne Messina