The following cases were completed in the Knox County court from Sept. 2 through Sept. 9.

Dawn Light, 39, South Portland, assault and violating of condition of release on Aug. 16, 2020 in Appleton, both dismissed.

Jessica R. Higgins, 39, Rockland, unlawful trafficking in drugs on April 1, 2021 in Rockland, $400 fine with the fine suspended; unlawful possession of drug on same day and city, $400 fine with fine suspended.

Michael R. Demers, 64, Lincolnville, operating under the influence, failure to give correct name, failure to submit to arrest or detention, failure to sign uniform summons complaint, all dismissed.

Ashley Rae Benner, 39, Cushing, criminal forfeiture of property.

Philip B. Pratt, 65, Warren, operating all terrain vehicle on public way, $100 fine.