CAMDEN — The Select Board voted in a special meeting Friday, Sept. 9 to extend for another 180 days its moratorium on construction of private piers or docks in the outer harbor.

Attorney Paul Gibbons objected to the extension, arguing the law requires the town to have made reasonable progress in addressing its concerns during the moratorium before extending it. He argued that the Harbor Committee meeting on the issue two times did not meet that requirement.

Harbor Committee Chair Josh Moore gave an update on the committee’s work. He said the committee did meet two times during August and had lively discussions on the issue. The committee is expected to come back to the Select Board with recommendations for an ordinance to regulate private piers.

He said four areas the committee is looking at are density, public access, climate change (which he said was the greatest priority) and habitat.

The town enacted the moratorium after concerns were raised about how the proliferation of private piers will affect the environment and the sense of community in the town as well as the long-term environmental impacts as water levels rise. Wealthy property owners putting up piers with no trespassing signs can limit public access to parts of the harbor. In addition, they can hinder use of the harbor by kayakers and boaters, and they can impact species of plants, fish, birds and other wildlife.

Gibbons represents CTCA, LLC., a company owned by property owner Cheryl Remmert.

Will Gartley of Gartley & Dorsky Engineering was there representing Betsy Sherman, who wants to construct a pier off Bay View Street. He asked that the moratorium not include the coastal harbor. However, that is included in the moratorium.

Stephen Gold of Camden said he supports the measure and that it would have been better 22 years ago before the arrival of the “uber-wealthy.”