ROCKLAND — Rockland City Councilors were divided Wednesday evening, Sept. 7 on whether to allow the ad-hoc police review committee to have another three months to come up with recommendations.

Councilor Nate Davis asked for the extension, which has been requested by the committee. A vote is expected by the Council at its Sept. 12 meeting.

Councilor Nicole Kalloch said she would oppose an extension.

“The city has hired the best police chief possible. We need to move on,” Kalloch said. She said the committee and its discussions are hurting the city’s chances of attracting new staff.

Councilor Louise MacLellan-Ruf said she knows there have been problems with the process used by the group which has not had a consistent chair and a turnover of members.

“This is a very sensitive issue,” MacLellan-Ruf said.

She said the committee has met for a year yet has not proposed any recommendations to the City Council. She said she would like a report from the group before she would consider an extension.

Councilor Sarah Austin said she was willing to give the group additional time.

Kalloch said not all of the committee members want an extension.

The Council voted July 12, 2021, to create the ad-hoc police review committee to investigate ways to improve community policing in Rockland and report those recommendations to the City Council. The work was expected to take 12 months to complete, but the committee could ask for additional time.

The Committee was formed less than a year after a petition was filed with the Rockland City Council in August 2020 by a group calling for reallocating money from police to social services. That petition gathered 135 local signatures. Supporters of the department collected more signatures in response to the original petition.

The group has met nearly every other Monday but has agreed on little other than the need for a mental health worker for the department. The members have disagreed on creating a citizen committee to review complaints.

Kalloch said she would like to hear the recommendation of Police Chief Tim Carroll on the extension request.