ROCKLAND — The Rockland area school board acknowledged the hiring Wednesday evening, Sept. 7 of additional education staff as the school year starts.

The Regional School Unit 13 Board met Sept. 7 at the South School.

The Board acknowledged the appointment of the following teachers: Amanda Carter, teacher for a fifth-grade position at the Cushing Community School; Jacquelyn Betts, NECC teacher at Oceanside Middle School; Donnie Mullen, resource room teacher at Oceanside High School; Kristina Bonney, school counselor at Oceanside Middle School; Joshua Schwartz, math teacher at Oceanside High School; Ashley Turgeon, nurse at Thomaston Grammar School; Dino Kozidis, ISP teacher at Thomaston Grammar School; and Joshua Mitchell, health/physical education teacher at Oceanside High School.

Assistant Superintendent Steffany Tribou pointed out the district overall has 27 new professional staff this school year and five of them were former graduates of Oceanside High School, Rockland District High School and Georges Valley High School. Eight of the new teachers were formerly educational technicians in the district.

The Board also acknowledged the resignation of Colin Malone, school counselor at Oceanside High School.