As I am reflecting on the actions taken by the residents of Owls Head at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting, I am drinking coffee specifically packaged for the Owls Head General Store. An energetic and savvy young member of the Owls Head community has resuscitated the store because she was prepared to meet an opportunity when it arose.

At the annual meeting, there were two agenda items that reflected this concept at a more macro level: is Owls Head preparing for future opportunities and adversities? None of us knows what the future holds, but recent years have challenged us with health crises and environmental changes that affected families, homes, businesses, and agricultural livelihoods.

There are two key components to preparing this region and her community for the future: an educated and thoughtful population and the ability to meet evolving economic prospects.

The decisive election of a bright and vigorous new school board member showed community energy on the topic of education and is a tremendous step in the right direction towards shepherding and educating the young people that need to be prepared for diverse economic opportunities.

The discussion over the expansion of the airport is more heated and the passing of the 180-day moratorium was a ham-fisted reaction. The proponents of this action state the moratorium is “pro-town,” not “anti-airport,” but it displays fear that may have short- and long-term consequences for the town and the overall region. I personally fear that several things will happen as a result: a) the only people who will benefit are attorneys engaged to work on the matter, b) the airport development will be slowed but without significant change to the master plan, and c) long-term, the county (and her population) may view Owls Head as an unwilling partner in the growth of the region.

Owls Head, I am confident you will continue to adapt and plan in ways that respect our regional heritage and shared love for the coast. Remember, as it says on the wall of many school guidance counselors: Luck = Preparation + Opportunity.

Virginia Talbot

Owls Head