Family, Friends & Supporters:

I congratulate Ms. Munger on her election. I hope that she will serve the “two Rockports” equally.

In a word, I was clobbered. Although your comments and testimonials on my professional suitability to conduct the business of selectman on the issues facing Rockport far outnumbered those for Ms. Munger, the vicious and libelous attacks on my character by Peter Ralston and the coastal elites carried the day – mission accomplished. My outreach to vote for me was eclipsed by the Democratic get-out-the-vote machine. So much for non-partisan town government.

The last two weeks have been the darkest period for Haunani and me in our 42-year marriage. We have never faced such vitriol. Our lives in our previous three New England towns were, comparatively, a “walk in the park” and never prepared us for this treatment. We are particularly dismayed by some of our “friends” who either bought into the beliefs of the coastal elites or remained silent about our treatment.

Importantly, we need to thank you and express our deepest gratitude to all of you who took precious time to write your comments and to attempt to fend off the truly nasty and very hurtful attacks by the coastal elites. Thank you also to those who joined the lawn sign campaign. I am sorry that I will not be able to act on my “Doc for ALL Rock” slogan.

We will move on now. I told Haunani that, in the essay of my wonderful life, this selectman campaign is but a comma. With God’s guidance, we will continue our life’s journey “on the bright side of the road.”
Doc Wallace