THOMASTON — The town of Thomaston is holding a public workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. in the Select Board Room at the Thomaston Municipal Building, 13 Valley St., to gather community feedback as part of the Community Resilience Partnership (CRP) Grant.

According to the State of Maine Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, “The CRP program provides grants and assistance to municipalities, Tribal Governments, and unorganized territories for projects that reduce energy use and costs, transition to clean energy, and make communities in Maine more resilient to climate change.”

The workshop is to prioritize future projects for implementation and review the Community Resilience Self-Evaluation. The Community Actions checklist has suggested activities that align with the goals and strategies of Maine Won’t Wait by the Maine Climate Council and is intended to be used as a self-assessment tool to aid in priorities and funding opportunities.

Joining the CRP increases the town’s access to funding opportunities and increases the amount of funding up to 95%. As part of the CRP, the town of Thomaston is considering potential grant funding for the Water Street West End project. In the short-term, the project will provide safer streets for both vehicle operators and pedestrians (the current sidewalk is at the same elevation as the road and the pump station structures are too close to the street) and, better handling of storm water (water currently runs across the roadway.) The long-term benefit will keep the street useable during high tides and storm events.