ROCKLAND — A 43-year-old man wanted for a firearms charge in Mississippi remained at the Knox County court Friday afternoon after his arrest Thursday in Rockland for criminal restraint.

David Gray made his initial appearance Friday morning, Sept. 2 in the Knox County court on the charge.

According to an affidavit filed by Rockland police with the court, police responded to a Beech Street residence after receiving reports of a verbal argument that appeared to be escalating. The female victim reported that while no assault occurred that day, she reported a history of physical/emotional abuse. The woman also told police Gray had refused to let her leave a room by blocking her exit, which led to the criminal restraint charge.

Assistant District Attorney Kathryn King told Judge John Martin during the Friday hearing that Mississippi had a warrant for Gray and would extradite him on a charge of possessing a firearm by a felon. The felony conviction was a drug charge from 2016 involving heroin and fentanyl.

She said she had not yet filed a request to hold him for extradition but asked Judge Martin to set bail on the criminal restraint charge at $1,000 cash.

Martin said he would not set such high bail on the misdemeanor charge of criminal restraint. He said if Mississippi or Maine files a hold order for extradition they can do that. The judge set bail at personal recognizance.

King pointed out that Gray has no ties to the area and has already fled from a charge in Mississippi. Martin said the man was now living in Maine with a residence in Rockland but the prosecutor pointed out that was because the victim was assigned here for her job but Gray has no other connection to Maine and was at great risk of not returning to court for the charge. Martin said the new charge did not warrant high cash bail.

King said she would file the extradition hold request after the hearing.

Defense attorney for the day Daniel Purdy said he expects Gray would remain in jail because of the extradition issue.