Town okays outlay

After considerable discussion, voters at the Aug. 24 town meeting approved the payment of $18,000 from the town’s funds to provide liability insurance for the pole-licensing portion of the broadband project. Deputy Town Clerk Sarah Reynolds was named moderator. At the heart of the conversation was concern that this hefty expenditure by the town was unexpected and not well defined. Reynolds adroitly guided the discussion through numerous comments and clarifications. An amendment to the original question – to take the funds through the credit line rather than from the town – was adopted and the full question passed by a nearly unanimous vote.

Bess the Book Bus

Today, Thursday, Sep. 1, Bess the Book Bus will be at Gibbs Library from 4-6 p.m. to help wrap up the Summer Reading Program. There will be the Reading Program drawings and treats for participants.

Public hearing

There will be a public hearing on Wednesday, Sep. 7, at 7 p.m. in the Bryant Room of Gibbs Library to propose closing Lincoln Road for winter maintenance.

Boo-boo – oops, so sorry

In last week’s news about the Lakes Association meeting, I misidentified the note taker, who was indeed, Dale Griffin. George Stone schlepped chairs but it was Dale Griffin who kept the minutes. I’m sorry for that. Volunteers definitely help make our little town work. Felicitations to each and every one!

Town clerks TRIO workshop

The town office was closed last Tuesday so that the town clerks could attend a TRIO workshop. TRIO is a computer software package designed for municipalities that allows our town clerks (and many others across the state) to manage all the town’s business in one comprehensive program. Thank you for keeping your smarts up to date, ladies!

Special marker in Pond

Off and on through this summer there has been a floating “marker” in the Washington Pond location where Washington Lakes Association volunteer water quality monitors take their samples. And, off and on the marker disappears. The purpose of the marker is to indicate the general area where each volunteer takes samples and to remind boaters and paddlers not to disturb the depths there. The marker is missing at the moment and will be replaced for the remainder of the season. Water quality testing has been one of Washington Lakes Association’s contributions to lake health for many years. The data is shared with local and state lake science organizations and helps understand subtle changes over time. Please, lake users, don’t move or remove the marker and help watch out that others don’t, either. Contact the association via

The water tests will cease for the off-season before long and WLWA will take out the marker. Thanks!

Election Clerks needed

The Town Clerk/ Voter Registrar’s office is hoping to add volunteers to its roster of Election Clerks for the November 2022 elections. Volunteers fill several posts at the polling place: conduct sign-ins to the voting booth, monitor the ballot box, count ballots, etc. This is a seriously responsible job and clerks have to be appointed and sworn in for Election Day (Nov. 8) duties. If you are a registered voter, able and willing to work this election, please send a letter of interest with your contact information to FMI contact Mary Anderson, Registrar of Voters, 207-845-2897.

Washington Heritage Day

Historic photos from the Cunningham Brothers Photo Collection will be featured at Washington Historical Society’s Heritage Day on Saturday, Sep. 10, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kevin Johnson of Penobscot Marine Museum will present “A Peek into the Cunningham Brothers’ Collection” beginning at 10 a.m. at the Old Town House at 263 Razorville Road. Razorville Hall and the Old Town House will both be open for visitors. Everyone is invited to this talk which includes many local scenes from the past.

WHS Pie Contest

Bakers! Please enter your tastiest pie in the annual Heritage Day Pie Contest. Bring your ready-to-eat pie to Razorville Hall by 9 a.m. Judges will sample each pie and render their decision around 9:30 a.m. There will be a prize for the judges’ choice pie’s baker. The pies will be cut into pieces to be sold during the event which runs 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can do this. Easy as pie.

Please make a note

Please plan to attend Gibbs Library’s Biblio-Fete on Friday, Sep. 16, at Sweetgrass Winery. Fun, food, and fundraising. More next week.

Have a good Labor Day weekend. Savor the closing days of summer.