ROCKLAND — Mayor Ed Glaser has proposed prohibiting non-owner occupied short-term rentals in most residential zones.

The item will be considered for preliminary approval at the City Council’s meeting for Monday, Sept. 12.

If approved, the prohibition would take effect Jan. 1, 2025.

Owner-occupied short-term rentals would continue to be allowed and non-owner occupied ones will still be allowed in transitional business and commercial zones, including downtown. The rentals could also be in rural residential zones which are located on part of Old County Road and west.

Glaser said people who operate a short-term rental but do not live there are running a business and businesses should not be in residential zones.

“Add to that it takes away some of our housing stock,” Glaser said.

The ordinance change also would eliminate the requirement that non-owner occupied short-term rental applications need to go before the Planning Board. Instead, the code enforcement officer can issue the permits.

The Rockland City Council gave final approval February 2018 to imposing a “temporary” cap of 45 on non-owner-occupied short-term rentals. The vote was 3-2, which reflected the sentiments of speakers from the public, who also were divided on the cap. Mayor Valli Geiger and Councilors Ed Glaser and Amelia Magjik voted for the cap, while Councilors Adam Ackor and Lisa Westkaemper voted against the measure.

The ordinance set a cap of 45 and Councilors said they would regularly review the cap. While the Council did appoint a committee to look at short-term rentals in March 2018, there have been no regular reviews of the cap or whether a cap is needed or changes made to the limit.

There are 41 non-owner occupied homes approved for short-term rentals. There are about 20 people on a waiting list, seeking to get one of the remaining four slots. There is no cap on short-term rentals if the owner lives on the property.

Glaser said his ordinance would lift the cap on non-owner occupied but that they would have to be limited to the business and commercial zones.

The mayor said he hopes the ordinance change can be adopted before he leaves office. His final meeting on the City Council will be Nov. 14.