Rep. Bill Pluecker has represented the towns of Appleton, Hope, Warren, and part of Union at the State House for the last four years. This district (now 44) has been reconfigured to include Hope, Union, and Warren. Rep. Pluecker has served as an energetic contributor to the Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Committee and the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Legislation he has sponsored secured a pay raise for State Prison staff to improve recruitment and retention, implemented a strategic plan to blunt food insecurity in Maine while integrating small farms into the process, and helped clarify the Maine Food Sovereignty Act, enabling direct producer to consumer exchange.

A particularly challenging problem Rep. Pluecker is addressing is that of PFAS (forever) chemicals. These substances are linked to serious health and developmental problems and are ubiquitous, showing up in soil, water, and even deer meat. Pluecker’s legislation has served to blunt the influx of PFAS from out of state and otherwise mitigate the problem. There is a great deal of work left to be done, however. Only recently has a process been developed that can break down PFAS chemicals into harmless substances. Taking the steps to put this process to work has yet to be worked out. Rep. Pluecker is familiar with this problem; he is up to speed. Reelect Rep. Bill Pluecker so he can continue to serve District 44 and the State of Maine effectively.

Harold Mosher