TENANTS HARBOR — “A Road Less Travelled,” an exhibition by textile and tapestry artist Morris David Dorenfeld, is on view through Wednesday, Sept. 7, at Granite Gallery, 68 Main St. A brunch, open to the public, is Sunday, Sept. 4, from 10 a.m. to noon.

A painter by training, Dorenfeld uses the loom to weave wool tapestries – paintings in fiber. The weavings rely on compositions of harmony, proportion, balance and above all, the visual music of color. “Brilliant primary color itself is the subject of the artwork – color is king,” he said.

“Tapestry 141, The Landing House” by Morris David Dorenfeld. Dave Clough Photographyy

Dorenfeld came to weaving through the serendipity of discovering a beautiful old barn loom in New Hampshire, just before moving to Maine in 1978. He now resides in Spruce Head.

“My discovery opened the door to this iconic medium which has held me in its thrall for over four decades,” Dorenfeld said. “This work has been done on a treasured vertical Finnish Varpapuu tapestry loom, around which my life and home in Maine revolve.”

The artist often thinks of his works as music — improvisational, lyrical — meant to make the viewer feel good. Some of the titles reflect that. This exhibit, for example, includes a “Boogie Woogie” from 2003 and five of the “Hunter Variations” (from 2014 to 2017). The audacious, brilliant color Hunter Orange became Dorenfeld’s muse in 2012, resulting in 19 tapestries, including the “Hunter Stripe” piece in this exhibition.

“The right title can help you start the journey, but the piece should be a mystery — open to as many interpretations and ideas as there are viewers who see it,” he said. “Although I often compose companion pieces, each tapestry has its own personality, character, and luminous life of its own.”

Dorenfeld tries to display his works as far apart from each other as possible so that each can be appreciated on its own merits. Thus, even as they can complement each other, they do not compete with each other.

A retrospective about Dorenfeld’s life as a weaver is scheduled for publication in December and will include many of his tapestries. “It is said that ‘Your eyes are the window to your soul.’ I believe these works of art are the window to my soul,” he said.

Gallery hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Visit granitegallerymaine.com for more information. Dorenfeld is represented by Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland and more of his pieces can be seen at caldbeck.com.

Morris David Dorenfeld’s “Hunter Variations” tapestries (122, 129, 128, 125 and 124) on display in Arizona.