CAMDEN — The Save the Dam Falls Committee announced its plans to call a Special Town Meeting have been put on hold, according to a press release.

The committee had been planning to hold a Special Town Meeting in late September to fulfill the requirements of a peoples’ petition for a vote to preserve Montgomery Dam and the waterfall at the head of the harbor.

However, at the recent meeting of the Select Board on Aug. 23, the Select Board passed a resolution to offer a town-wide vote on preserving the dam.

“This is the goal we have been working toward for over a year now,” Ken Gross, a member of the Save the Dam Falls Committee, said. “Up until the passage of this resolution, the only recourse for getting the issue before the voters was to call a special town meeting. We still reserve the right to call a town meeting, but if we can rely on the Select Board to live up to their resolution, there will be no need for a Special Town Meeting.”

“The Select Board has recognized that the people of Camden have an interest in preserving our iconic waterfall and conceded that there should be a vote on whether or not to save Montgomery Dam,” Ray Andresen said.

The text of the Select Board resolution says, in part, “Included in these warrant articles will be clear phrasing for the voters to address the preservation, modification, or removal of the Montgomery Dam as a single issue, so as to get a clear mandate from the voters after all fact gathering and professional recommendations are known.”

“We are very pleased that the Select Board has passed this resolution so that the town can move ahead with a constructive discussion and finally vote on the dam,” Tom Rothwell said. “We now look forward to working with town officials and the new Advisory Committee and working toward the necessary repairs and maintenance of the dam.”