OWLS HEAD — The federal government review of the town’s adherence to floodplain regulations goes well beyond the two homes that started the investigation.

In total, 13 homes are being reviewed for either potential violations, possible violations, or a need to review records to determine compliance.

At stake is the possibility that the Federal Emergency Management Agency could remove Owls Head from the floodplain insurance program or that the town will have to take enforcement actions against homeowners. If removed from the insurance program, private property owners in Owls Head would not be eligible for flood insurance through FEMA which is heavily subsidized and offered at a much lower cost than offered by private insurers if it was even available.

At a May 2 meeting of the Selectboard, Chair Gordon page said “FEMA is holding a great big hammer over our heads.”

Early this year, two homes were the focus of the discussions — 118 Ginn Point Road and 58 Crescent Beach Road.

Since then, however, FEMA has requested additional information on 11 other homes. Those homes are located at 75 Mahalas Lane, 79 Mahalas Lane, 112 Crockett’s Beach Road, 86 Crockett’s Beach Road, 28 Ginn Point Road, 69 Ginn Point Road, 106 Ginn Point Road, 82 Bellevue Street, 86 Bellevue Street, 1 Mussel Ridge Lane, and 77 Coopers Beach Road.

Six other homes were reviewed by FEMA and found to be in compliance.

A meeting between FEMA representatives and  town officials was held Aug. 26. At that meeting, according to notes provided by a FEMA official to the town, FEMA asked that the list of homes being reviewed not be released to the public until the federal review was completed.

The Courier-Gazette requested the list from the town and obtained the information from a source.

FEMA plans to return to Owls Head to review files, if needed, on Oct. 10.

According to the meeting notes, FEMA is requesting that the town send out a notice of violation to the owner of 118 Ginn Point Road when a new code enforcement officer is hired. The notes also state that the attorney for the Planning Board is advising the town to hold a closed-door meeting on a legal matter in reference to 58 Crescent Beach Road.

The Selectboard is scheduled to meet Monday morning Aug. 29 at 10 a.m. to discuss the hiring of a new code enforcement officer. The current code enforcement officer Scott Bickford has submitted his resignation. He remains code officer in Rockport.

Page said at the Aug. 15 meeting that the code officer of Hope has expressed interest in also serving Owls Head as well as Cushing. Bickford had also served as Cushing’s code officer.

In early May, Dennis Pinkham, external affairs director for FEMA’s regional office said staff from FEMA’s regional office in Boston and the state have been working with the town in an attempt to remedy violations and deficiencies with how the town administers and enforces the flood insurance program.

“Since there has been no resolution to the violations and deficiencies to date, FEMA notified the Town of Owls Head that they had 30 days to provide FEMA with a Corrective Action Plan. Sue Baker, State NFIP Coordinator for the State of Maine, is currently working with the Town,” Pinkham said in the May 5 statement.

Town officials discussed May 2 whether they should hire a lawyer to deal with the issue. Former Selectboard member Richard Carver suggested the town get advice from the Maine Municipal Association. Planning Board member Ken Wexler said the town needs to get legal advice.

“This is not going away. There’s too much at stake,” Wexler said at the May meeting.

At issue on many of the properties under review is the FEMA regulation that any renovations or additions to the structures must not exceed 50 percent of the value of the existing structure if the building is within a flood zone.

The list of homes and possible issues include:

At 112 Crockett’s Beach Road, which was built 2002, has a structure with living space over a garage. The compliance concern is that were no visible vents to allow water to pass through and prevent more damage to the structure. FEMA also wants information on whether there were substantial improvements to the structure.

At 86 Crockett’s, FEMA wants to know the value of a remodel and whether the work done in 1999 would trigger the substantial improvement issue.

At 79 Mahalas Lane, FEMA wants confirmation that the structure has breakaway panels in garage and under house

At 75 Mahalas, FEMA wants to review the permit for the house to determine if the structure is elevated in the flood zone.

At 28 Ginn Point Road, FEMA states the structure should have been placed on piers, posts or piles and that its records indicate this was a substantial improvement. The federal agency wants to know the year the house was built.

At 69 Ginn Point Road, FEMA notes a second floor was added and the structure should have been raised.

At 106 Ginn Point Road, FEMA wants to review the permit to determine why the structure is not elevated.

At 86 Bellevue, FEMA pointed out the structure is on a slab on a grade and may not be at the proper elevation.

At 82 Bellevue, FEMA wants the value of a 2016 remodel and notes the propane tanks are unanchored.

At 1 Mussel Ridge Lane, the structure is not elevated and has a basement.

At 77 Coopers Beach Road, FEMA wants to know the value of a 2003 remodel.