ROCKLAND — A 38-year-old Rockland man was arrested and is being held without bail, accused of possessing fentanyl while on probation for an earlier offense.

Michael Willis Photo courtesy of Knox County Jail

Michael R. Willis was arrested Tuesday, Aug. 23 by Rockland Police Sgt. Andrew Redden and charged with possession of fentanyl and theft.

According to an affidavit filed in the Knox County court by Rockland police, Knox County Sheriff Office Deputy Josh Lemoi contacted Rockland police and said Willis was aboard a Maine State Ferry coming from North Haven. The deputy said there was an arrest warrant out for Willis.

Rockland police arrested Willis when he arrived in Rockland, and found in his possession a soup can with fentanyl inside. Willis told police he was addicted and used drugs daily, according to the affidavit. The theft charge was based on stealing his twin brother’s driver’s license.

Police said Willis also had scales and some of the fentanyl was in bags along with pills, indicating he may be dealing drugs. Additional fentanyl was found on Willis which weighed close to 10 grams.

Willis appeared in court Wednesday, Aug. 24 and again Friday, Aug. 26. Bail on the fentanyl possession charge was set at $500 cash but Justice Daniel Billings ordered Willis held without bail on Aug. 26 on a probation revocation request by the district attorney’s office.

Willis was convicted in 2013 for a July 2012 robbery of Jensen’s Pharmacy in Rockland. He wore a fedora and sunglasses, and passed a note asking for drugs and referencing a gun. Willis was sentenced to seven years in prison with all but 21 months suspended.