I thank the editor of The Camden Herald for allowing me to respond to the attack letter by Peter Ralston et al.

In many ways this attack on me is an attack on the civic process of electing a Rockport selectman. There is nothing that addresses my platform on the many issues facing Rockport. The attack letter is purely a character takedown. How pitiful that at the 11th hour Peter Ralston and some woke ultra-liberals take the opportunity to try and bring me down.

Essentially, their attack has nothing to do with the issues which undergird this election. In short, their attack says don’t elect a conservative to the Select Board. The Select Board is a nonpartisan entity, but the attackers say because I am a conservative and have expressed conservative views in forums that have nothing to do with civic government, I should be excluded from consideration.

They express the opinion that some conservative views are, in effect, character flaws. This is preposterous on its face. Is there only a Ralston-approved liberal view that meets the purity test for electing a selectman?

And just what are some of these character flaw views that I espouse? I believe there are only two genders. I believe five-year-olds are too young to change their genders. I support the second amendment in the Constitution. I believe there is disparate treatment of the January 6 investigation and the whole-summer riots of 2020. I support abortion if the baby isn’t viable or if the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest. I submit that these are not extreme views, and certainly not character flaws that should exclude someone from holding public office.

How about some facts from my long history of service to children, my community, the state, and the country. I have been a dedicated educator my entire adult life. I have taught at every level from primary school to college. I have been selected as a principal and superintendent of schools, named Superintendent of the Year, and later appointed to the National Blue Ribbon Education Panel. In this service I evaluated schools from Maine to Texas. I was chosen to lead the American Education Delegation on a tour of many schools in Japanese cities. I was elected senior warden of a wonderful Connecticut church and married a minority woman. I have been deeply involved in volunteer activities in each town in which I have lived — including Rockport. Does any of this speak to my character? Moreover, in addition to character, don’t some of these experiences speak directly to the talents needed to serve on a town’s Select Board?

Quite frankly, I hope that this vile letter by Ralston and his liberal friends will have the unintended effect of shining a very bright light on the Rockport election and determine if a town that leans liberal will give a decent, dedicated conservative the opportunity to serve as one of their selectmen.

Doc Wallace