This letter by Peter Ralston is an insult. Gillespie even calls him “a misogynist, a racist, and someone who opposes COVID relief.” These terms get bandied around so carelessly that they actually lose their meaning and impact.

Doc Wallace steps up to discharge a civic duty and Ralston & Company mount a totally unwarranted and unjustified campaign of character assassination. Frankly, they simply reveal their own lock step adherence to this dubious, bankrupt, woke social and political agenda that people with any semblance of common sense are rejecting.

What is Doc offering to do? Negotiate salary contracts for town employees, put out bids to contractors for town services, attend endless meetings to hash over who knows what, read reports, write reports, hash over budgets, and take incoming flak from all and everybody that he has contracted to serve and represent in this town. He’s been there and done that before and has proven that he can do it well. In fact, he’s a professional and has the credentials to prove it.

From this position as Rockport Selectman, how will he have any input in Joe Biden’s foreign policy, or the Second Amendment, or adjudication of January 6th – 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, or your abortion rights? However, he can bring a lifetime of practical experience to the civic administration of Rockport.

David G. Reed