NORTHPORT — The 39th Coastal Field Hockey Play Day Championships — a precursor to the start of the regular season for area high school teams for nearly four decades — swung onto the artificial turf field on Tuesday, Aug. 23 at Point Lookout.

And while the weather was difficult to predict — as equal amounts of clouds, rain and sunshine permeated the the pitch during the event — the overall victor was not as host Belfast proved a cut above and clinched the coveted preseason play day title.

Camden Hills’ Delfina De Acevedo Ramos, left, and Belfast’s Breanna Shorey. Photo by Mark Haskell

Team scores for the event were not available, however, Mount View of Thorndike finished second, Camden Hills of Rockport third, Hampden Academy fourth and Boothbay Region rounded out the top five.

Tuesday’s team victory marked the 29th time in nearly 40 years the Lions have emerged victorious in the event. This year’s iteration would have been the 40th anniversary, but the event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Mount View’s Allyee Corson, front. Photo by Mark Haskell

Team members for Belfast, coached by Jan Holmes-Jackson, include Chelsea Gaiero, Macey Morse, Lawless Desrochers, Sophia Taylor, Mia Winslow, Audra Faulkingham, Maxine Hollebeke, Lauren Hall, Ava Markham, Kara Richards, Kali Knight, Halle Tarbox, Danielle Hicock, Brynne Sawyer, Breanna Shorey, Payten Wadsworth and Nikki Shorey.

Team members for Camden Hills, coached by Lindsey Clement, include Claudine Webber, Katie Thorn, Korsen Landfair, Winona Lincoln, Natalie Hall, Ilanna Lam, Sara Ackley, Katie Kunkel, Charlotte Thackeray, Addie Kelly, Delfina De Acevedo Ramos, Bella Anderson, Natalie Lindahl, Isabella Burke, Alexys Wilmot, Juliette Landry and Tess Hodgkins.

Mount View’s Mackenzie Burgess, front, and Ella Dudley (14), along with Belfast’s Chelsea Gaiero, left, and Breanna Shorey, back. Photo by Mark Haskell

Team members for Mount View, coached by Gloria Hewett, include Dakota Jones, Mackenzie Burgess, Julia Richards, Greta Ahlefeld, Allison Kelley, Audrey Walker, Allyee Corson, Ivory Spaulding, Ella Dudley, Sydney Bishop, Hannah McIntosh, Erika Hanks, Idella Spaulding, Makayla Killam, Kelsy Stevenson and Ella Sawyer.

Rosters for Boothbay and Hampden Academy were unavailable.

The scoring for the tournament is unconventional as five points are awarded for goals scored and one point for each shot on goal saved by a team’s goalie. The champion is crowned by which squad compiles the most points through four games.

Former tournament champions include: 1983 — Georges Valley; 1984 — Belfast; 1985 — Belfast; 1986 — Belfast; 1987 — Searsport; 1988 — Belfast; 1989 — Belfast; 1990 — Belfast; 1991 — Belfast; 1992 — Belfast; 1993 — Belfast; 1994 — Rockland; 1995 — Belfast; 1996 — Belfast; 1997 — Belfast; 1998 — Belfast; 1999 — Belfast; 2000 — Mount View; 2001 — Belfast; 2002 — Belfast; 2003 — Belfast; 2004 — Belfast; 2005 — Belfast; 2006 — Belfast; 2007 — Belfast; 2008 — Camden Hills; 2009 — Mount View; 2010 — Mount View; 2011 — Belfast; 2012 — Belfast; 2013 — Mount View; 2014 — Camden Hills; 2015 — no champion crowned; 2016 — Belfast; 2017 — Belfast; 2018 — Belfast; 2019 — Belfast; 2020 — no tournament held (COVID-19); and 2021 — Belfast.

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