The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 4, 2022, through Aug. 10, 2022, at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:

Jesse Bifulco, Kristen Bifulco to Jesse Bifulco Trust, Kristen Bifulco Trust, Jesse Bifulco and Kristen Bifulco Living Trust.
Elizabeth Bresnahan to 14 Alden St. LLC.
Norma C. Davee Revocable Trust, Robert L. Davee Trust to Robert L. Davee.

Anthony J. Casella Living Trust, James A. Hopkinson Trust to Judith A. Casella Trust, Judith A. Casella Living Trust.

Robin A. Novicka Trust, Robin A. Novicka Revocable Trust of 2001, Robin A. Myers Revocable Trust of 2001 to Mary Elizabeth Simms.

Richard A. Catalano, Cindy L. Catalano to Michael R. Catalano, Amanda L. Catalano.

Owls Head
Marita Stanley to Maynard Stanley, Norma J. Stanley.
Ash Point Sisters LLC to Lynn Sopwith Trust, Lynn Sopwith Living Trust.

Crescent Beach Cottage LLC to Frederick Street LLC.
McNaboe Fletcher Smith, McNaboe Fletcher Smith, Michael McNaboe to Atlantic Country Club LLC.
Tina M. La Vie to Tina Lavie, George Manson.
Curtis W. Shields, Patricia M. Shields to Jeffrey S. Duckworth, Christine A. Duckworth, Amanda Duckworth.

Howard L. Harvey to Melissa Weisheit.
Kathy E. Arey to Kenneth W. Arey.

South Thomaston
Susan Anne Laniewski to Ayn Pivonka Trust, Jiri Pivonka and Mary P. Pivonka Living Trust Dated May 29, 2013.
Carla A. Armbruster Trust, Armbruster Maine Trust to Peter Lindner, Esther Sophie Braud.

St. George
Fletcher Smith McNaboe, Michael McNaboe, Fletcher Smith McNaboe to Tuition Trailer LLC.
Fletcher Smith McNaboe, Fletcher Smith McNaboe to Fletcher Janet Smith LLC.
Robert Skoglund to Robert Skoglund, Sydney J. Philbrook.
Loann Barter, Ned Wimmer to Loann Barter.
Margaret M. Boyajian to Peter Wellin.
James B. Wyeth Revocable Trust, James B. Wyeth Trust To Boom Boom Limited.

Ian Sady to Marshall Haynes.
Avalanche Holdings LLC to Two Moody Drive LLC.
Helen M. Ludwig to Helen M. Ludwig, Raymond E. Ludwig.

Kare Osgood, Kare Trabant to James Harwood, Georgianne Valli Harwood.

Shelby L. Olsen, Dean E Olsen to Joshua Blackman, James J. Blackman.
Terence L. Ryan, Pheryl B. Ryan to Bryan Carle, Leah Carle.