The intersection of Routes 17 and 90 in Rockport has had the greatest number of vehicle crashes in Knox County, according to the Maine Department of Transportation.

The intersection has had 25 crashes from 2019 through 2021 which resulted in 11 injuries, according to the DOT.

In terms of injuries, the 12 crashes at the intersection of the the Ridge Road (Route 235) and the Old Augusta Road in Warren has the most. Those 12 crashes resulted in 14 injuries from 2019 through 2021.

Two other intersections have each had 11 crashes in those past three years which each resulted in a total of five injuries. Those intersections are Route 90 and Western Road in Warren, and Routes 1 and 90 in Warren.

In Rockland, the intersection of Broadway and Pleasant Street has seen the most crashes with 10 over the past three years. Those crashes have resulted in a total of three injuries.

There have been eight crashes at the intersection of Camden and Washington streets in Rockland during the past three years with two injuries resulting.

In Thomaston, the intersection of Route 1 and Old County Road has seen the most crashes with eight from 2019 through 2021. That resulted in one injury, according to the DOT.

The state transportation department also lists stretches of roads with the most crashes. Tops on the list, in terms of injuries, is Route 73 from Bartlett Lane to the Dublin Road in South Thomaston. There have been nine vehicle crashes with a total of nine injuries in the past three years.

The stretch of Route 1 in Camden from Norwood Avenue north to Union Street has had eight crashes resulting in eight injuries from 2019 through 2021.

The stretch of Route 131 (also known as the Searsmont Road) in Appleton near the intersection of Route 105 (also known as Camden Road) has had 16 crashes in the past year, resulting in three injuries, according to the DOT. Also in Appleton, a stretch of Route 131 from Chaples Road to Burketville Road have had 14 crashes but no injuries resulting from those crashes.

The stretch of Old County Road in Thomaston from West Meadow Road to Dexter Street has had 12 crashes resulting in six injuries during the past three years.

A stretch of Route 90 from Mill Street to Route 17 in Rockport has had eight crashes totaling five injuries.

A stretch of Route 17 in Washington from Fitch Road to West Washington Road has had 16 crashes with a total of four injuries.

And a stretch of road starting at the intersection of Western and Middle roads in Warren has had 13 crashes with two injuries.