From the desk of Theresa Gargan, Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Shelter Manager.

Whoever coined the phrase “dog days of summer” obviously has not spent time at an animal shelter. Anyone involved in animal welfare will attest to the fact it should be referred to as the “kitten days of summer.” I’m talking lots and lots of kittens. Kittens have taken over the community room, the nursery and almost all our foster homes. Of course, we also take in all the kitten mamas, younger siblings and daddies. As you might imagine, the inn is full to capacity and we are looking to our community to welcome these kitties into their homes. Be it one of the babies, a teenager or one of our older cats, every one of them deserve a family.

Sage, one of Poppy’s roommates. Pope Memorial Humane Society

Three of last year’s kittens thought they had found their forever home together back in December. Unfortunately, this trio is back with us again, hoping against hope they might win the hearts of someone willing to keep them together. Sage, Poppy, and William will celebrate their first birthday on Sept. 10th and would love to spend it in a real home. They can be found sharing a double condo in our cat area and would love to have you come visit.

If you are considering adopting a cat…or three, please give Pope Memorial Humane Society a call at: (207) 594.2200 for more information. Our adoption applications can be found on our website:

William Pope Memorial Humane Society

Our wish list this week includes: Paper towels, Canned kitten food, Milk Bone dog biscuits and gift cards to Walmart, Staples and other local businesses. Thank you.