The Camden-Rockport Elementary School summer programming staff express our gratitude to several community members for making this summer extra special. Many people took time and care to provide meaningful, educational and interesting experiences for our young students.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to:

Frank Thompson, an MSAD 28 bus driver, for showing kindness each and every time we rode the bus.

Amy Hand from the Camden Public Library for an informative read-aloud, teaching us how to access the library, approving our own library cards and providing a thorough tour of the building.

Heather Wyman, Scout Wrobel and Cathy Straka for sharing their love of the outdoors and teaching us how to set up tents.

Lt. Keith Jordan and others from the U.S. Coast Guard Rockland station for spreading their enthusiasm for their work and giving a tour of Thunder Bay and a USCG rescue boat.

Dave St. Laurent, Alison and Mason McKellar, Vinnie and John for an in-depth tour of the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corp. transfer station and an education of the recycling process. They fixed up and loaned us several bikes.

Mark Brooks, Holly, Thomas, John and many others from the Brooks Trap Mill for showing us how to build a trap, make a bait bag and how the traps catch lobsters, crabs and fish.

Dominic and Liz Gioia and Max from Camden Harbor Cruises for inviting us on board Periwinkle to learn about guillemots, ospreys, bald eagles, lobsters, Jonah, green and rock crabs, sea stars as well as Curtis Island and other fascinating features of Camden Harbor.

Heidi and Zoe Baker from Aldermere Farm for letting us feed and pet the Belted Galloway cows and for informing us about the history and the exciting future of the farm.

Abbie Leonard and Rob Parent, Harbormasters in Rockport, for showing us the best spot for crabbing and for introducing us to Rockport Harbor by boat and land.

Deedee and Pete Conover for welcoming us to Curtis Island and the lighthouse.

Thanks for the care, support and kindness of these devoted community people who went above and beyond to make memories we will cherish forever.

With deep gratitude,

Eric Martin and Susan Conover