The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety reminds motorists that year’s national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign will take place from Aug. 17 through Sept. 5.

The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety will once again be teaming up with municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies to proactively prevent fatalities and serious bodily injuries associated with impaired driving. The Bureau’s statement reported that one of the deadliest and most often committed — yet preventable — of crimes (impaired driving), has become a serious safety epidemic in our State.

“Alcohol alone, or the combination of alcohol with other recreational drugs or prescription drugs can lead to increased risk-taking and poor decisions. It is important to plan ahead for a sober ride or a safe place to stay, so that you can enjoy your end-of-summer celebrations and not risk your life or that of someone else”, said Lauren Stewart, Maine’s Highway Safety Director.

The Bureau stated that thus far in 2022, Maine is experiencing a deadly trend of fatalities on our roadways, many of which have involved operators that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. To date, 22 fatalities involving a driver of a motor vehicle or an operator of a motorcycle, have been recorded. All these operators have had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher.

“As law enforcement professionals it is vitally important to focus our attention and enforcement efforts on Impaired Driving. Safety on our Maine roadways is paramount,” said Deputy Chief Small from the Bath Police Department. “To be effective in the reduction of impaired driving incidents, we must work together. Through education and enforcement, we can create increased public awareness of this highway safety concern to work toward keeping impaired drivers off the road. We all play a part in keeping our roadways safe. Let’s help keep Maine ‘The Way Life Should Be’ by playing your part, from the start…BE SMART! Please make good choices and think about how your decisions can affect others who live, work, and play in Maine.”